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Campaign Miracoli.

Ambassador Campaign / UGC / Brand Awareness

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Giving consumers 
the leading role in creating 
content for the brand




Ambassador Campaign UGC 
Media Campaign


Miracoli, the Italian sauces brand long favored by Belgians, had not communicate for years.
To revive the brand’s appeal, Miracoli wanted to (re)communicate about its products, focusing on their taste, various flavors, practicality, and multiple uses.

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To address this challenge, we developed a participative marketing strategy, giving consumers the leading role in creating content for the brand. We carefully selected 2,000 individuals who were unfamiliar with Miracoli products. For them, we designed a special Miracoli package containing a variety of Miracoli sauces so they could comfortably test them at home.

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In exchange, we asked them to share their experience in various ways: by taking photos and videos of their Miracoli moments, by sharing their product reviews, and by telling their friends about their experience while distributing discount vouchers.

We then took the user-generated content - the photos, videos, and comments - and integrated them into a media campaign created to generate awareness around Miracoli in an authentic way.

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The campaign generated over 1,600 UGC (User-Generated Content), which were shared by the brand ambassadors on their social networks.
The best content was integrated into the media campaign, contributing to far exceeding the customer’s objectives.
This campaign not only allowed Miracoli to (re)connect its products to the public but also succeeded in creating a real community around the brand, proving the effectiveness of participative marketing.

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