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They thought digital marketing was not suitable for their industry




Social media management

 Meta Ads

Lead generation 


Renowindow is a Belgian initiative launched by AGC Europe and the Walloon Region to stimulate energy renovation. RenoWindow offers to replace old, underperforming glazing with super-insulating glass without touching existing frames.

When AGC Europe began marketing this service, they called on renowned agencies to raise awareness and generate sales. The results were so poor they thought digital marketing was not suitable for their industry.

In 2019, they called on us to help them set up a social media strategy and generate leads via social networks.



We organized an initial workshop to understand the brand’s identity, the targeted audience, analyzed previous initiatives, their way of operating…

Following this workshop, we proposed an action plan defining a collaboration framework and a step-by-step advertising strategy based on an iterative content creation process.

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In three months, we reduced the cost per lead by a factor of 5 and have continued to improve it for 4 years to reduce it by ten.

This helped Renowindow to grow and become the leader in its field in Belgium and Northern France.

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