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Campaign Liveclear.

Ambassador Campaign / UGC / Brand Awareness

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10% of the population 
is allergic to cat hair.




Ambassador campaign


Media campaign


Did you know? 10% of the population is allergic to cat hair.
To address this issue, Purina has developed a revolutionary recipe of cat food that reduces allergens.
In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product, Purina wished to have its product tested by 500 families, who are cat owners with at least one member experiencing allergies, in order to gather their written and video testimonials.

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We launched a recruitment campaign on social media, inviting owners of allergic cats to test the LiveClear cat food offered by Purina. In exchange, they committed to sharing their experiences by sending us photos or videos to be posted on their social media accounts. Additionally, they were encouraged to leave comments on Purina’s website and complete a questionnaire at the end of the campaign.

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Over 1600 posts were shared on social media, and we collected more than 500 photos and videos that Purina can utilize in their communication. Furthermore, 336 reviews were posted on Purina’s website, attesting to the satisfaction of the testers.

Finally, our survey revealed that 96% of the testers noticed a significant improvement thanks to Purina LiveClear cat food. Their quality of life has greatly enhanced, allowing them to fully enjoy the companionship of their cat without the inconvenience of allergies.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and the products we offer to address your communication challenges.

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